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What is Drift Karting?

Drift Karting is based on points scored or lost on each lap - not just on being the fastest.

It's about skill and consistency - the bigger the drift, the more points awarded.

But the faster you drift the more points you will earn - it’s all about hooking everything together as perfectly as you can.


1. The sophisticated ‘Drift Kart’ has exclusive sensors located at the front and rear - with the angle of the kart being measured via an advanced ‘local GPS’ monitoring system at every point on the track and the bigger the angle of drift the high the points score.
So, the more time spent drifting, the more points you score – but there is a pre-set maximum lap time and any slower than that and you will be progressively deducted points.
It means that you have to find the perfect balance between outright speed and drifting.

2. The sensors record data continuously for the whole session so you have to hook it together perfectly from start to finish to get the best score.
So, at the end of your session you can see your best score on every lap and as well as your total.

How to Drift

Our karts and the track surface have been specially designed for drifting - so it’s very easy to drift - anyone can drift without any previous experience of karting or drifting.

To enjoy the best drift - it’s all about finding the right balance.

Turn, apply the power, correct the steering.

It’s very easy - but you have to find the right level of power to use - too much and you’re going to spin round.

The track also has a maximum lap time - so if you spin the kart you will lose time and then lose points for being over the maximum time.