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  • IMPACT Drift Park

Track & Kart

Each turn on the track provides a different challenge and is specially designed to maximise the drifting experience with a polished and coated surface to get that perfect slide going.

Surrounded by world class safety barriers that use an innovative new system of coil springs to absorb impacts and bounce immediately back into place, it’s adds up to an experience that ensures total fun without compromising on safety.

Safety continues with a clear red/orange/green lighting system around the track.

Add in our pitlane that’s been designed to make getting in and out of your kart as convenient as possible with screens that tell you which kart and when, and you have the perfect backdrop for your enjoyment.

Electric Karts

IMPACT Drift Park uses leading edge Sodi Electric Karts to maximise the experience. With world class safety such as seatbelts, roll hoops and sliding impact protection all round, the kart also has adjustable steering wheel, pedals and seat so everyone can fit perfectly. The kart comes with sophisticated exclusive sensors to transmit its position at all times.

Our system

IMPACT Drift Park features a brand new highly sophisticated state-of-the-art positioning system that features sensor tags located at the front and rear of the karts that transmit their position to ten receiving sensors situated around the track at fifty times a second.

The receiving sensors measure in sub nanoseconds the length of time the signal takes to travel to deliver the kart’s exact position with perfect accuracy, feeding a gateway server.

This ground-breaking system has been specially developed for IMPACT Drift Park by a team of electronics engineers from the U.K. and is being seen in the world for the first time ever.

Recreation Area

Relax and watch the action unfold on track from the comfort of leather sofas in our spacious foyer. You will be updated as the drifting unfolds second-by-second on digital screens that feed the information live.

IMPACT Drift Park includes its own elegant restaurant inside the facility serving an array of favourite Western and Eastern dishes.